Do I need to book for a class or can I just turn up?

Everyone needs to book for a class in advance online via bsport. This is to make sure we do not exceed our maximum capacity, which is 12 participants per class, and also to be able to reach students via email when we need to cancel a class.

How to use the bsport app to book, pay for or cancel a booking

Are classes given in Dutch or English?

All our teachers speak fluent English, so the class can be given in English or Dutch or in both languages according to the situation. Tell the teacher before the class begins if you do not understand English or Dutch.

What do I need to bring to the studio? What should I wear?

You need to bring nothing to the studio as all props are there. Mats are cleaned after each class with an alcohol-based solution. Wear comfortable sports/yoga clothes that show the work of arms and legs (shorts and leggings are both fine, but no baggy pants).

I am a student / 65 plus or stadspas holder. Can I get a discount? How does it work?

Simply mention it in your account profile and you will have instant access to the discounted cards. You will then be asked to send us a photo of your card. If you are 65 plus and you have given your birth date, you do not need to send any further proof.

I have bought a card but cannot book for a certain class. How comes? What to do?

Cards have a limited validity period which begins with the first booked class. If you try to book for a class before or after that period, the card will not be valid.

My card has expired but I still have unused classes on it. What to do?

When you buy a new card the validity period of your old card can be extended for as many weeks as you have unused classes. Just write to us so that we can fix it on bsport.

I have had medical issues. Can my card validity period be extended?

For health/medical reasons we always extend a card’s validity period. Please write to us when you are ready to start again and we will extend your card then for as many weeks as you have classes left.

I travel a lot for work or other reasons. What kind of card should I buy?

Look at each card’s validity period and consider how often you can come to class when you are in Amsterdam. The 10-class card (without discount) has a 6 months validity and is probably the most suited, but if you join classes more than twice per week when here, then other cards could also work for you.