LEVEL 1: for beginners and absolute beginners. The practice is centered around standing poses with an introduction to mild forward and backward extension asanas and simple twisting asanas. Shoulderstand is learned in its most supported variations. Newcomers are recommended to join these classes.
LEVEL 2: for more experienced practitioners. Handstand and headstand are introduced, together with more challenging forward, backward extension and twisting asanas. Real pranayama practice begins at this level.
LEVEL 3: for seasoned practitioners, teachers and teachers to be. Handstand and headstand are mastered by this level. Students are gradually taught more advanced asanas and pranayama techniques.  
ALL LEVELS: this class is open to all, but with a minimum 6 months of Iyengar yoga experience.


Originally in yoga the relation teacher/student is a one-to-one relation, which supports the practitioner in the process of learning to know oneself. Since we all have different bodies, history and conditions, it is important to evolve towards a gradually more individualized practice. In a private session, the student receives full personal attention and can ask the specific and technical questions that are not normally asked in a group class. This is also particularly indicated for people who need to practice with/for a given condition.